1. Don’t forget about the customer experience.
  2. Get a good warehouse team.
  3. Train your staff on the most important aspects of warehousing and distribution operations.
  4. Don’t skimp on your shipping costs (or give them away).
  5. Do a lot of testing in advance of any big changes to your warehouse or distribution system.
  6. Consider using a reliable third-party logistics provider like @mywayexpressinc to help with your supply chain management (SCM) needs, especially as you grow larger or become more complex with multiple product lines in different channels and markets across the globe!
  7. Make sure you’re on track for compliance with all relevant regulations and reporting requirements so that you can keep track of what’s happening in each part of your supply chain—and take action if necessary!
  8. Be sure to have adequate insurance coverage in case anything goes wrong during shipment or delivery—and make sure this coverage includes professional liability insurance too so that you’re protected if something does occur at some point down the road.
  9. Have a Plan for How You’ll Handle Returns
  10. Get to Know Your Market—and Be Flexible in Your Pricing Model